Conclusion: Advancing the Digital and Open Education Agenda

  • Bill Johnston
  • Sheila MacNeill
  • Keith Smyth
Part of the Digital Education and Learning book series (DEAL)


In this concluding chapter of the book, the proposition of the digital university as a contested space is revisited in the context of current political and sector developments and their resulting implications for key aspects of universities and the student and academic experience within our higher education institutions. Major themes and recurring motifs within the book are summarised and synthesised, in addressing the digital university as a liberating social force, prospects for future practice, and agendas for change. In exploring the latter area, a number of potential themes and foci for future research are proposed. The chapter closes by underlining the need to re-position the university as a public good committed to critical thinking, and to situate digital space, place, and practice in relation to extending higher education, and the opportunities to engage with or benefit from the knowledge created within and through higher education, to our wider communities and society.


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  • Bill Johnston
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  • Sheila MacNeill
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  • Keith Smyth
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  1. 1.School of Psychological Science and HealthUniversity of StrathclydeGlasgowUK
  2. 2.Academic Quality and DevelopmentGlasgow Caledonian UniversityGlasgowUK
  3. 3.Learning and Teaching AcademyUniversity of the Highlands and IslandsInvernessUK

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