Recording Identified Neurons in Awake and Anesthetized Rodents

  • John J. TukkerEmail author
Part of the Springer Series in Computational Neuroscience book series (NEUROSCI)


A deeper understanding of the brain is likely to require detailed, quantitative descriptions at several levels, ranging from the molecular to the behavioral, as well as an understanding of the relations among these levels. Taking the single neuron as the basic building block, I will here outline recent progress in linking different levels of description, including anatomical and molecular properties on the one hand (“structure”) and electrochemical activity on the other (“function”), whereby these properties are always considered to be interdependent on the activity of other neurons in the network and the behavior of the organism as a whole.

One key methodological advance has been the ability to both record activity from single neurons and observe their structural properties, in intact animals during specific brain states and/or behaviors. In this chapter, I will describe such methods in some detail, and illustrate with some key examples how observations on single-cell physiological and anatomical properties (membrane potential fluctuations and associated currents, morphology, molecular expression profile), in combination with network and behavioral properties (specifically focusing on navigation and the representation of space), can provide unique insights into hippocampal function.


Place cells Grid cells Head-direction cells Interneurons Oscillations Juxtacellular Patch-clamp Head-fixed Anesthetized Freely moving 



The author wishes to thank Andrea Burgalossi, Constance Holman, Nikolaus Maier, and Peter Somogyi for helpful comments on earlier versions of this chapter and Linda Hahn-Tukker for help with the figures.


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