Succession Planning

  • Alexander Koeberle-SchmidEmail author
  • Jens Escher


The long-term survival of a family office requires family unity. Succession planning is a difficult but crucial part of achieving this. Several different aspects are reviewed. First, both the rising and retiring generation should negotiate a forward-looking succession plan. This includes a written agreement on how leadership responsibilities will be handed over. Finally, a mediator, internal or external, should be engaged if the parties find themselves unable to work effectively with one another. Major potential points of conflict and the basic considerations of estate planning, including accelerated succession, are also discussed. Interview with Christian-Titus Klaiber, a member of the Leitz industrial family and an executive in the associated family office.


  1. Koeberle-Schmid A, Unger M (2019) Nachfolge im Familienunternehmen. Beck Verlag, MünchenGoogle Scholar

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