NV Color Centers in Diamond as a Platform for Quantum Thermodynamics

  • Nir Bar-GillEmail author
Part of the Fundamental Theories of Physics book series (FTPH, volume 195)


Nitrogen-vacancy (NV) color centers in diamond constitute a unique system for experimental quantum thermodynamic research. The NV is a quantum spin (exhibiting millisecond-scale coherence times at room temperature) within a solid structure, surrounded naturally by both an electronic spin bath (nitrogen impurities) and a nuclear spin bath (\({}^{13}\mathrm{C}\) isotopes). The optical access offered by the NV in terms of spin-state readout and initialization (cooling), together with its versatile microwave control, provides a rich platform for experiments in quantum thermodynamics. We present the NV system, detail core schemes for spin manipulation and bath cooling, and describe future prospects.



I gratefully acknowledge insights and valuable discussions with Ronald Walsworth, Chinmay Belthangady, Linh Pham, Fedor Jelezko, Paz London, Alex Retzker, Yonatan Hovav, Boris Naydenov and Demitry Farfurnik. I acknowledge support from the Minerva ARCHES award, the EU ERC Starting Grant (Project ID: 714005), the CIFAR-Azrieli Global Scholars program, Israel Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, and the Israel Science Foundation (Grant No. 750/14).


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