Aggregation-Induced Emitters in Light Harvesting

  • Bolong Zhang
  • Can Gao
  • Nicolau Saker Neto
  • Wallace W. H. Wong


Light harvesting is an integral part of energy conversion of sunlight into chemicals and electricity. In this chapter, the application of materials with aggregation-induced emission properties in artificial photosynthesis and photon refining technologies is summarized and discussed. In artificial photosynthesis, aggregation-induced emitters enable efficient energy transfer in self-assembled arrays. Thin film luminescent solar concentrators have also been made possible by aggregation-induced emitters as high concentrations of these chromophores can be used in such devices. Aggregates are also important in photon upconversion where proximity of chromophores enables efficient triplet energy transfer and triplet-triplet annihilation processes.


Light harvesting Energy transfer Artificial photosynthesis Luminescent solar concentrators Photon upconversion Self-assembly 


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  • Can Gao
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  • Nicolau Saker Neto
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