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Pyogenic Infection Following Single Level Nucleotomy

  • Andrei Slavici


Postprocedural infections of the spine are a dreaded complication putting great strain on both patients and surgeons alike. While the incidence of postoperative discitis in spine surgeries without instrumentation is often cited up to 4%, approx. 480.000 nucleotomies are performed yearly in the United States alone [1, 2]. These figures highlight the necessity for every spinal surgeon to be familiar with the diagnostics and management of postoperative infections. With the following case we will try to illustrate a typical case of postprocedural discitis managed with dorsal instrumentation and interbody fusion.


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  • Andrei Slavici
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Spine and Reconstructive Orthopedic SurgerySana Klinikum OffenbachOffenbach am MainGermany

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