Lobbyists’ Appeal and Access to Decision-Makers: Case Study European Services Forum

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Kerneis gives an interesting introduction in the world of private sector lobbying for trade negotiations. After presenting the genesis of the creation of an organization by the overall European service industries for a dedicated association to represent the interest of the private sector in international trade negotiations, he explains in details what are the daily activities of a lobby organization like the European Services Forum (ESF). Kerneis insists on the prior mission the interest group that consists first and foremost in informing internally the members and building internal coherent positions. Then, and only after then, comes the better-known mission of reaching out European institutions and other interlocutors to provide them concrete input, so as to try to positively influence the decision-makers toward trade agreements that will open up markets and provide long-term legal certainty to trade and investment activities to the members. The chapter goes through an exhaustive list of interlocutors and how the organization works to achieve its goal of increasing awareness of priorities of the various service sectors in trade agreements.

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