A Stagnant Society?

  • Charles Seaford
Part of the Wellbeing in Politics and Policy book series (WPP)


This chapter describes the decline in elite morale: one of the conditions for change described in Chapters  4 and  5. Many prominent figures in business, finance and politics feel that Britain is stuck: capitalists themselves say that capitalism needs reform, is corrupt. Politics too seems stuck: both main parties are paralysed by Brexit, which is symptomatic of a deeper problem, a failure to respond to the challenges of globalisation with economic policies that protect those ‘left behind’. This failure has sharpened the traditional divides between the liberal and authoritarian wings of both parties. Nor can we rely on the civil service or academia to come to the rescue. Despite this gloom, there are some signs of hope, above all a recognition that change is needed and a willingness to forge the kind of new relationships required for any counter-elite.

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