Independent Inquiry

  • Kam C. Wong
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This chapter provides a critical review of the utility, feasibility and desirability of setting up an Independent Commission of Inquiry (ICI) for the Mongkok Riot (MKR). Section I: “Independent Commission of Inquiry” provides an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of such an institution. Section II: “HK Commissioner of Inquiry and Task Force” discusses the legal foundation and prior appointments of ICIs in Hong Kong. Section III: “Legislative Council Debates” details the pros and cons of the ICI debate, and discusses the issues involved. Section IV discusses the “Necessity, Utility and Functionality of MKR Inquiry” in theory and practice. It concludes that an ICI is able to establish facts, but would not be able discover causes for the MKR scientifically. Section V: “Feasibility” proposes that the HK Special Administrative Region Government investigate what happened during the MKR as an historical and reconciliation project. Section VI is the "Concusion" calls for an independent inquiry which is "scientifically designed and evidence based, examining MKR from inside out and bottom up" by and for the HK people.

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