Waveguide Evanescent Field Fluorescence and Scattering Microscopy: The Status Quo

  • Silvia MittlerEmail author
Part of the Springer Series in Optical Sciences book series (SSOS, volume 218)


In the last few years Waveguide Evanescent Field Fluorescence (WEFF) and Scattering (WEFS) microscopy were developed which are alternatives to TIR and TIRF microscopy. Both technologies implement a slab waveguide-microscopy chip with a coupling grating. The technologies are described and compared to TIR and TIRF microscopy. The advantages of the waveguide method are clearly addressed. A brief history of the technology’s development and similar activities in the field are discussed. Application examples from both WEF microscopies follow: static distance mapping with a multimode waveguide, dynamic solubilisation studies of cell plasma membranes and the kinetic response of osteoblasts to trypsin (WEFF); bacteria sterilization as well as cell adhesion and granularity studies (WEFS). The combination of both methods is discussed and found not suitable. In order to mass fabricate the necessary waveguide chips with the grating an all-polymer-waveguide chip was developed. This should allow to bring the new microscopy methods to the interested scientific community.


Waveguides Evanescent fields Microscopy Scattering Fluorescence Interfaces Cells Bacteria 



Many co-workers, students, PDFs and colleagues are thanked for their contribution in the past, the present and the future for developing and applying WEFF and WEFS microscopy: Frank Thoma, Uwe Langbein, John J. Armitage, Huge Trembley, Michael Nietsche, Abdollah Hassanzadeh, Elisabeth Pruski, Jeffrey S. Dixon, Stephen Sims, Rebbeca Stuchburry, Sabiha Hacibekiroglu, Daniel Imruck, Christopher Halfpap, Michael Morawitz, Qamrun Nahar, Darryl K. Knight, Susanne Armstrong, Jeremia Shuster, Frederik Fleisser, Mihaela Stefan, Kibret Mequanint, Beth Gillies, Rene Harrison, Gordon Southam, Cheryle Seguin, Hong Hong Chen, Donglin Bai, Douglas Hamilton and Rony Sharon.


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