Correction to: Resonance Analysis

  • Claude Amsler
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 949)

Correction to: Chapter 12 in: C. Amsler, The Quark Structure of Hadrons, Lecture Notes in Physics 949,

The original version of the book was inadvertently published without incorporating the author’s proof correction for figure caption 12.2.

The corrected caption now reads as:

Fig. 12.2 Left: predicted ηπ and \(K\overline {K}\) mass distributions (in arbitrary units, full red curves) for a0(980) resonance production in \(\overline {p}p\) annihilation into a0π, according to the Flatté formalism with g1 = 324 MeV, g2 = 329 MeV (\(\Gamma _0^{\prime }\) = 462 MeV). The observed width is about 54 MeV. The dashed blue line shows the ηπ mass distribution for the same width \(\Gamma _0^{\prime }\) in the absence of \(K\overline {K}\) decay (g2 = 0). The observed width increases to 300 MeV. Right: the a0(980) → ηπ0 resonance in proton-antiproton annihilation at rest into ηηπ0 [4]

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