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Acute appendicitis is suspected in patients with acute abdominal pain which typically migrates from the periumbilical region to the right lower quadrant, associated with fever, nausea, and anorexia. Leukocytosis and rebound tenderness in the right lower quadrant are indicative of acute appendicitis. CT scan is indicated in female patients with high suspicion of the disease and in patients in which the diagnosis is suspicious but the history, exam, and WBC are not all supportive of acute appendicitis. If acute appendicitis is suspected, laparoscopic appendectomy is the standard of care. Perforated appendicitis is treated either nonoperatively if an abscess is present with IV antibiotics, drainage of abscess, and potentially an interval appendectomy or by laparoscopic appendectomy if free perforation occurs.


Abdominal pain Acute abdomen Acute appendicitis Right lower quadrant pain Laparoscopic appendectomy 


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