Consultation and Disposition of Acute Diverticulitis: Which Patients with Acute Diverticulitis Require Admission or Surgical Consultation?

  • Brandon RudermanEmail author
  • Sreeja Natesan


Patients presenting with acute uncomplicated diverticulitis who are able to tolerate oral intake and have no signs of sepsis or significant comorbidities may be considered for outpatient management. Ciprofloxacin and metronidazole are preferred for outpatient antibiotic therapy. Patients with complicated diverticulitis (presence of an abscess or peritonitis) should be admitted for IV antibiotics. Other factors that may be considered for a patient’s disposition include their age, comorbidities, computed tomography (CT) findings, and laboratory data. Patients with signs of severe sepsis or perforation warrant an emergent surgical consultation prior to admission.


Diverticulitis Emergency department Surgical consultation Antibiotics Abscess Perforation Peritonitis 


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