Imaging: What Are the Evidence-Based Strategies for Imaging the Bariatric Patient?

  • Christina S. HouserEmail author
  • Julie T. ViethEmail author


This chapter discusses the need for imaging, specifically computed tomography (CT), of bariatric patients presenting with signs or symptoms consistent with potential postoperative complications. In general, clinicians should have a low threshold to obtain imaging in the bariatric patient, as even vague complaints can have a lethal etiology. CT is indicated when assessing for gastric leak, intra-abdominal infection, and obstruction. However, any undifferentiated pain or fever, tachycardia, or leukocytosis without a clear source should prompt radiologic evaluation. Fluoroscopy may be beneficial to evaluate for band slippage, strictures, anastomotic narrowing, gastric outlet obstruction, or pouch dilation.


Bariatric surgery Computed tomography Fluoroscopy Gastric leak Intra-abdominal infection Intra-abdominal abscess Band slippage Bowel obstruction 


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