Future-Proofing Organisations for Leadership 4.0

  • Richard Kelly


This chapter is a checklist of what organisational decision-makers need to do now to prepare future leaders to be effective in industry 4.0. Regarding structure, decision-makers need to remodel their organisation using ecosytem theory by eliminating operant conditioning and cultivating internal and external collaborative networks. The organisational structure needs to reinforce the leadership system. Regarding connections, departments need to be wired together to embrace the coming diversity of multiple stakeholders and human/machine resources. Data science, collaborative networks, and data infrastructure needs to be at the core of the organisation. Regarding mindset, a shift is required from horizontal to vertical development where leaders need to abandon dependent models and learn how to be responsive and sensemaking connectors. Self-directed and technology-based learning is set to overtake more traditional methods. Traditional roles such as LD advisors are set to change to become network enablers who support and stimulate self-directed leadership learning through learning management systems and networks. The chapter proposes a practical two-speed approach to change which focuses on eradicating conditioning structures, creating swarms and collaborative networks, merging divisions, and managing resources.

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