Leadership Development and Mindsets—From Directive to Collective Behaviour

  • Richard Kelly


This chapter examines leadership development from the perspective of educating mindsets and is the final part of a trio of chapters that looks holistically at the future development of leaders. The chapter makes the case that the relational and influence-based categorisation tools taught mainly in classrooms are not fit for purpose in preparing our leaders for industry 4.0 and the connected economy. The chapter suggests more appropriate content that enables leaders to lead effectively in ecosystems and collaborative networks. Such content includes sensemaking, swarm intelligence, and raising digital quotient. All of these approaches are supported with examples, case studies, and practical tools. The final part of the chapter addresses methodology. Formal classroom (transmission-based) learning will be replaced in the future by vertical development and self-directed learning using learning management systems. New technological learning approaches such as virtual, mixed, and augmented reality, networked learning, and wearables will be utilised.

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