Leadership Development and Structure—From Egosystems to Ecosystems

  • Richard Kelly


This chapter examines leadership development from the point of view of organisational structure. It is the first part of a trio of chapters that explores three leadership behaviour influences—structure, mindset, and connections. The chapter opines that structure influences behaviour and profiles three dominant structures (each with examples and some case studies) that influence leadership behaviours in different ways: centralised/closed systems, decentralised structures, and open/ecosystems. Centralised systems condition behaviours and reinforce positional power. Decentralised systems are an effective way of centrally managing large organisations by devolving decision-making in teams and units and leading through relations. Future organisations will need to move towards open ecosystems which create a ripe environment for open collaboration and the free exchange of ideas and support responsive leadership where leaders are not conditioned by ego-centric structures. The chapter provides some practical guidance to developing ecosystems.

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