Toric IOLs in Keratoconus Patients with Cataract

  • Luba Rodov
  • Guy Kleinmann


Toric intraocular lenses (IOLs) were designed for patients with regular corneal astigmatism, usually during routine cataract surgery. Keratoconus is the classic example of irregular astigmatism and used to be considered as a contraindication for toric IOLs. However not all keratoconic corneas are the same, in cases were a reliable axis and degree of astigmatism can be identified it is possible to consider toric IOLS, with proper patient expectation. In this chapter, we will cover the relevant literature and our own experience with toric IOLs in keratoconus patients.


Keratoconus Cataract Irregular astigmatism Toric IOL 


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