Phakic Intraocular Lens Implantation in Keratoconus

  • Yonit Krakauer
  • Tova Lifshitz


Purpose – In this book chapter we aim to review all articles that studied the surgical correction of refractive errors in patients with keratoconus.

Methods – A search of the PubMed database 1966–December 2017 was conducted using various combinations of the key words (see below).

Results – 48 articles were found and are described in the following text.

Conclusion – In an effort to postpone or even avoid the more invasive procedures like PKP and DALK, we can see more and more use of different surgical strategies like the use of Angle supported anterior chamber phakic IOL (pIOL), Iris fixated anterior chamber pIOL, Posterior chamber pIOL, Refractive lens exchange and different Sequential surgeries. It is imported to remember that IOL power calculation is not as accurate as in non-keratoconic eyes, and IOL implantation is not exempt of risks and thus the best IOL choice for keratoconic eyes is still not clear.


Keratoconus Implantation of pIOL in keratoconus Refractive correction and keratoconus Clear lens exange in keratoconus 


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