Shadows Are Weaker

  • Julia Smith-Omomo


This chapter traces the historical underpinnings of the insecurity in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Beni and Butembo, two towns located in North Kivu, have experienced varying levels of exposure to the conflict, yet are otherwise comparable in terms of development and size. This chapter looks at the consequences of the violence, political overcentralization, and the administrative oversight offered to the financial sector in the DRC as a post-war country. It presents further evidence that not all transactions are recorded in the formal financial sector, and didactically traces the structures and processes observed in different groupings of financial service types. It goes beyond previous arguments in that it compares formal and informal structures against each other, reaching the conclusion that the informal sector does fare worse in a sizeable number of indicators of efficiency and success. In summary, claims made by either actor can be adjudicated through comparing hard data; and in collecting this data, the research demonstrates a perhaps more realistic picture than qualitative evidence alone can provide.


Butembo North Kivu Rotating Savings And Credit Associations (ROSCAs) Congo Democratic Republic Banyarwanda 
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