The International Human Right to a Healthy Environment, Human Right Obligations for Nature and Possible Difficulties of Implementations

  • Shelly Hiller Marguerat
Part of the Palgrave Studies in Environmental Policy and Regulation book series (PSEPR)


This chapter will show the human right to a healthy environment and the international judicial development as to the need for formal recognition of clearer responsibilities while demonstrating case law that supports its indirect recognition in international law under Art. 8 of the ECHR and Art. 1(1) related to court’s rulings in favour of environmental protection measures and at the cost of limiting private property rights, also shown via the Inter-American Commission on human rights. The chapter will also show possible complications in the implications of environmental legislation with regard to property rights and other current propositions for social individual property rights related to the environment while giving the reader the basis on natural law principles, its historical background and use until today.


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