On the Imperative of Planning Employee Communications: Theoretical Considerations and the Case Study of Vale

  • Paulo Henrique Soares
  • Rozália Del GáudioEmail author


Organizations are made of people, and their objectives can only be achieved through its people’s effective participation. Based on this premise, it is possible to conclude that employee communications has indisputably become a strategic organizational process, as it is critical for sharing objectives, engaging teams, and awarding recognition to individuals throughout organizational niches. However, it is still patently clear that there is no consensus regarding the objectives, means to reach them and the results inherent to this process. After all, if, on the one hand it is key to keep the information flowing and connect people to the organization’s objectives (which in itself represents a considerable amount of work), on the other, society, organizations, employees, and the work itself have all changed considerably to face the challenges of modern times.


Employee communication Organizational transformation Internal communication Change management Communication special project Communication KPI Communication management Vale S.A. Leadership Organizational culture Tools Consistency Cohesion Workers 


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  1. 1.Brazilian Mining Association, IBRAMBrasíliaBrazil
  2. 2.MBA Aberje EsegSão PauloBrazil

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