Communication Measurement as a Key Factor for Organizational Strategy Success

  • Lívia Guadaim


The communication field studies the ways to influence and manage the perception one has about people, companies, and concepts. In organizations, the consumers’ as well as other stakeholders’ perception can directly impact results and profit. Employees’ perception also plays an important role as they become engaged and more productive due to attributing meaning to institutions, routines, work, and so on. That said, it is essential for enterprise success to invest in communicating clearly and understandably its strategy—in other words, in a way that creates meaning for the company and its workforce. A study, carried by the Harvard Business Review in 2010 with 1075 executives, asked about how strategy was developed in their companies and which challenges were depriving its execution, among other aspects. According to respondents, the biggest challenge to execution is to make strategy meaningful to employees in the front office of the company. The challenge is reasonable, as many people cannot even tell what the company strategy is. To 72% of respondents, communicating the strategy clearly is a priority to execution.


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