Low-Power Resistive Bridge Readout Circuit Integrated in Two Millimeter-Scale Pressure-Sensing Systems

  • Sechang Oh
  • Yao Shi
  • Gyouho Kim
  • Yejoong Kim
  • Taewook Kang
  • Seokhyeon Jeong
  • Dennis Sylvester
  • David BlaauwEmail author


A duty-cycled bridge-to-digital converter (BDC) for small battery operated pressure sensing systems is presented and demonstrated in two complete microsystems. By heavily duty-cycling an excitation voltage for the bridge sensor, 6000× less excitation power is consumed compared with conventional DC biasing. The excitation voltage is sampled and used to generate an ADC reference voltage to avoid line voltage fluctuation. The BDC achieves 49.2 dB SNR and 2.5 nJ conversion energy with 10.6 pJ/c.s. FOM.


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  • Yao Shi
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  • Gyouho Kim
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  • Yejoong Kim
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  • Taewook Kang
    • 1
  • Seokhyeon Jeong
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  • Dennis Sylvester
    • 1
  • David Blaauw
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