The Quiet Period (1929–1933)

  • Younes Jalali


This chapter describes the life of Taghi Erani during the first period of his return to Persia (1929–1933), how the return was a subtle game of dissimulation to be cleared of suspicions of subversive activity. In conformity with this disposition, he embarked on his professional career as a freelance chemist, teacher, and author of scientific works, some becoming textbooks in educational establishments. These activities and growing social circle gave him a unique vantage point on Persian society, steeped in serfdom and cronyism. The 1929 stock market crash and the upheavals that transpired in its wake, the Third Reich in Germany, war preparedness in the Soviet Union, and gangrenous growth of the security apparatus in the Reza Shah system, brought about the end of this seeming period of tranquility.

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