An Appraisal of the Works of Rolandos Katsiaounis: Society, Labor, and Anti-colonialism in Cyprus, 1850s–1950s

  • Andrekos Varnava


Rolandos Katsiaounis was an eminent historian of Cypriot history. With his recent passing it is timely to consider his contribution to Cypriot social and labor history, especially in relation to identity and anti-colonialism, from the late Ottoman to the late British period, the period which his main works covered. Offering a critical understanding of many of his works, Varnava argues that Katsiaounis was a thorough empiricist and a pioneer of ‘history from below’, yet his close affiliation with AKEL also meant that Marxism drove his analysis, which was tinged with his close affinity to official AKEL positions. Thus it is important to understand the person beyond the historian as much as it is important to understand their use of evidence.


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