Geophysics in Archeology

  • Z. SlepakEmail author
  • B. Platov
Conference paper
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This paper contains information about possibilities of exploration geophysics in solving archeological problems. High effectiveness of electromagnetic sounding at revealing ancient buildings remnants in urban conditions, dating the layers of anthropogenic formations and tracing their bottoms using Impulse-auto M-1/0-20 electromagnetic surveying system is demonstrated herein. The measurement procedure and developed computer technologies for processing geophysical information, which allow solving particular archeological problems and evaluating their veracity, are stated in this paper. The results of conducted researches on the examples of archeological objects of the Kazan Kremlin, Bogoroditsky Monastery, Bilyar and Bulgar settlements of the Republic of Tatarstan are considered here.


Geophysics Electromagnetic sounding Cultural layer Archeology 



This study was funded by the subsidy allocated to Kazan Federal University as part of the state program for increasing its competitiveness among the world’s leading centers of science and education.


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  1. 1.Institute of Geology and Petroleum TechnologiesKazan Federal UniversityKazanRussia

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