Radial Head and Olecranon Process Fractures

  • Gazi Huri
  • Nadir Suleyman Cetinkaya
  • Mahmut Nedim Doral


Radial head and olecranon process fractures are among most common fractures in the elbow. A detailed history and examination can provide information on the probability of injuries. Both anteroposterior and lateral radiographs should be obtained to diagnose. MRI scans are helpful for evaluating soft tissue injuries. Intra-articular fragments or impacted fractures can be identified much better on CT scans. The Mason classification is the accepted classification system for fractures of the radial head. There are several classification systems which are described for olecranon process fractures, but neither has been accepted indeed. Nondisplaced and stable, minimally displaced partial articular fractures are treated nonoperatively. Open reduction and internal fixation provide a stable articular surface fixation and restoration of articular congruencies. Excision and prosthetic replacement might be necessary in comminuted and unstable fractures. Many treatment techniques have been described including tension band wire and plating.


Radial head Olecranon Fractures 


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