Follow-Up Studies of HAWC Sources

  • Alba Fernández BarralEmail author
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On the 15th of April 2016, the HAWC Collaboration released a preliminary second catalog (2HWC) with 39 TeV sources, from which 19 have no association with any known HE or VHE source (within an angular distance of 0.5\(^{\circ }\)). The data used for the analysis comprises 340 days of observation, between the 26th of November 2014 to the 9th of September 2015. The list of sources was sent under a private Memorandum of Understanding MoU between HAWC and several collaborations, including MAGIC and Fermi-LAT. A previous catalog (1HWC) had been reported, under the same Memorandum of Understanding MoU, in April 2015 for the HAWC-111 configuration.


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