Where to Go from Here?

  • Veronika WeidnerEmail author
Part of the Palgrave Frontiers in Philosophy of Religion book series (PFPR)


Weidner offers a short overview of the various responses to Schellenberg’s hiddenness argument proposed so far. This includes several discussions, including discussions of the following: the ways the argument and the notion of divine hiddenness have been misunderstood, the ways the hiddenness argument has been compared to the argument from evil, the ways the truth of the argument’s premises have been challenged, and the further propositions which have been introduced in service of a defense or theodicy. Moreover, further developments of anti-theistic hiddenness reasoning, beyond Schellenberg’s original argument, are presented. Weidner’s own reply objects to one specific premise of the hiddenness argument and utilises an account of beliefless theistic faith. By way of illustrating, inter alia, the historic example of Mother Teresa, Weidner makes a plausible case that beliefless assumption that God exists suffices for personal relationship with God.

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