Rethinking Museum Exhibitions: Merging Physical and Digital Culture—Past to Present

  • Tula GianniniEmail author
  • Jonathan P. Bowen
Part of the Springer Series on Cultural Computing book series (SSCC)


This chapter brings focus to museum exhibitions and how they are evolving in the digital landscape while connecting past and present, mixing physical and digital media. Taking an evidence based approach and writing from experience, we note that most of the exhibitions discussed here were attended by the authors, mainly in London, New York and Paris during the past few years and studied in the context of digital life and art in these world-leading cultural capitals We draw on observation, published reviews, research materials and multimedia sources with the goal of creating a rich tapestry that merges art, information and experience, which taken together offer new perspectives on how museums are transforming in the digital ecosystem in ways that bring together museums, people and communities, locally, globally, onsite and online. We explore these developments in depth and with attention to the context of the social, cultural and digital forces driving them.


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