The Right of Access to a Lawyer in the European Union: Directive 2013/48/EU and Its Implementation in Spain

  • Mar Jimeno-BulnesEmail author


In light of the necessity to combine the EU pro-victim policy with that favouring the rights of the accused, striking a difficult balance between the two sides of criminal proceedings to ensure the quality of criminal justice as a whole, after the adoption of Directive 2012/29/EU which established minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of the victims of crime, the EU adopted different measures on the minimum procedural rights of defendants. In this paper, the Author focusses her attention on Directive 2013/48/EU, 22 October 2013, on the right of access to a lawyer and its implementation into the Spanish legal system.


Directive 2013/48/EU Right to defence Right of access to a lawyer Procedural rights Spanish implementing legislation 


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