International Co-production of Nordic Television Drama: The Case of Ride Upon the Storm

  • Eva Novrup Redvall
Part of the Palgrave European Film and Media Studies book series (PEFMS)


The production of high-end series is expensive and with limited national audiences in the Nordic countries only the licence-fee financed public service broadcasters have traditionally ventured into television drama in the Nordic languages. In the mid 2010s, this started changing, partly because of the international outreach and sales of serials such as Forbrydelsen/The Killing (2007–2012) and Borgen (2010–2013). This development incited new players to move into the television drama arena and brought about a new focus on international co-production in the Nordic television landscape. This chapter explores some of these recent changes through a qualitative case study of the Danish-French co-production set-up behind the high-end drama serial Herrens veje/Ride Upon the Storm (2017–), focusing on the perceptions of strengths and challenges as well as questions of creative control in this particular set-up among the Danish partners (The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) and SAM Productions).


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