Milk-Clotting Plant Proteases for Cheesemaking

  • Mazorra-Manzano Miguel A. Email author
  • Moreno-Hernández Jesús M. 
  • Ramírez-Suarez Juan C. 


Some plants have enough amount of proteolytic enzymes in its tissues and can clot the milk under optimum conditions. Their use as coagulants in cheesemaking represents a traditional practice in many regions of the world. In the last years, the research and knowledge on plant proteases is increasing and crossing frontiers, expanding their use in biotechnological process and the production of novel exquisite cheeses. This chapter describes the milk-clotting properties of some plant coagulants used for cheese production at artisanal, experimental, and commercial scale. Some technological aspects for the formulation and standardization of enzymatic preparations from plant origin and its impact on physicochemical, technological, and sensorial properties of curds and cheeses are also considered. Cheese production is in constant growth and it is expected that in the near future the use of plant proteases in cheesemaking will increase, producing new specialty cheese favoring the cheese market.


Rennet Plant coagulants Milk-clotting enzymes 


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