Congenital and Pediatric Frontal Pathology

  • Joseph S. Schwartz
  • Nithin D. Adappa


Congenital midline nasal masses (nasal dermoids, nasal gliomas, and congenital encephaloceles) represent a rare group of lesions arising from faulty development of the anterior neuropore. Pediatric rhinosinusitis is a disease entity commonly encountered by pediatric otolaryngologists with rare instances of associated complications. Frontal sinusitis in this patient population represents an important risk factor for intracranial infectious complications given its close relationship to the cranial vault. The goal of this chapter is to provide a comprehensive review of both congenital midline nasal masses and complications of pediatric frontal sinusitis with particular attention given to the underlying pathophysiology, clinical approach, and treatment strategies of these disease entities.


Nasal dermoid Dermoid cyst Nasal glioma Sincipital encephalocele Basal encephalocele Congenital encephalocele Congenital midline mass 



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