Contemporary Management of Frontal Sinus Mucoceles

  • Christopher D. Brook
  • Benjamin S. Bleier


The frontal sinus is the most common location for paranasal sinus mucoceles. Prolonged expansion of a mucocele can lead to complications such as pain and pressure, eyelid edema, frontal headaches, cranial nerve palsy, and facial deformity from bony remodeling. Mucoceles develop due to accumulation of physiologic mucus production which has lost an avenue for egress. After the diagnosis is made, mucoceles require drainage and marsupialization of the mucus-filled cavity. Traditionally drainage of a mucocele was accomplished through open approaches to the sinuses with complete excision of the mucocele. However, mucoceles have increasingly become managed with endoscopic marsupialization techniques. This chapter details the management of frontal mucoceles.


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Supplementary material

Video 13.1

Endoscopic drainage of a left fronto-orbital mucocele Frontal sinus surgery paranasal sinus mucoceles fronto-orbital mucocele in the setting of prior trauma. Note the linked CT scan demonstrating erosion of the anterior table of the frontal sinus and thinning of the skull base (MOV 25582 kb)

Video 13.2

Endoscopic drainage of a right subperiosteal mucocele Frontal sinus surgery paranasal sinus mucoceles subperiosteal mucocele from associate frontoethmoidal disease (M4V 33085 kb)


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