Recruitment and Department Expansion

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The healthcare paradigm has shifted more in the past 5 years than in the prior 50 years. Expansion into the communities, buying of small and large private practices, and complete hospital mergers and consolidation have led to an ever-expanding “footprint” of academic medical centers. In the old days, an academic program typically would recruit when there was need for a specific subspecialist at the main hospital (the “mecca”) or if there was a perceived need for a subspecialist or generalist at a satellite clinic in a surround community. Now, there has been a major shift as the typical urban medical center is often overcrowded with limited availability for new recruits to have dedicated operating room time. On the other hand, satellite hospitals and mergers often provide department chairs with an easier pathway allowing immediate operating room availability for new recruits. This chapter will provide the reader with one chairman’s perspective on recruitment and department expansion based on my first 3 years in this role.


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