Planning, Policies and Governance for Terraced Landscape: A General View

  • Enrico FontanariEmail author
  • Domenico Patassini
Part of the Environmental History book series (ENVHIS, volume 9)


Guidelines for planning, policies and governance are suggested by class of terraced landscapes taking into consideration the main features of geographic domains and environmental contexts. Dealing with irreversibility, reversibility and development processes the guidelines can help the communities to adopt integrated strategies based on an effective institutional design. Input and basic information are provided in the 3rd International Congress on Terraced Landscapes (Italy, 6th–15th October 2016) by the working groups “Rules and policies” held in Trento/Rovereto and “Agronomic and Social Innovation” held in Valstagna, Canale di Brenta (Vicenza).


Terraced landscapes Urban planning Urban-rural policies Governance instruments Rules and regulations Civic uses Community lands International Terraced Landscapes Alliance ALPTER project Sustainable rural development 


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