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“Finding His Way Home”: Tracing Poe’s Solutions in Eureka

  • Harry Lee Poe
Part of the Geocriticism and Spatial Literary Studies book series (GSLS)


“‘Finding His Way Home’: Tracing Poe’s Solutions in Eureka,” by Harry Lee Poe, explores the places of which, in which, and from which Edgar Allan Poe carried out his description of the physical universe and spiritual universe from its beginning as a primordial particle until its end. This exploration traces the development of Western scientific thought from Athens to the major centers of thought in 1848 while exploring the universe from operations of the yet unknown subatomic world to the expansive universe of galaxies. In Eureka, Poe imagined what science would come to understand about the universe before science had the vocabulary, methodology, or technology to examine the universe empirically. Without the necessary tools of science available to him to couch his discussion in scientific terms or formulae, Poe was left to refer to Eureka cryptically as a prose poem.


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