Synthesis of Metal Nanomaterials with Chemical and Physical Effects of Ultrasound and Acoustic Cavitation

  • Kenji OkitsuEmail author
  • Francesca Cavalieri
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Six synthesis techniques using ultrasound and acoustic bubbles are introduced. As a technique using chemical effects of acoustic bubbles which comprise high-temperature and high-pressure conditions, (1) a pyrolysis technique (pyrolysis of a volatile metal precursor in organic solvent) and (2) a reduction technique (reduction of metal precursor in water) are described for the synthesis of metal nanoparticles. Furthermore, as a technique using or relating physical effects of ultrasound and acoustic bubbles, (3) ultrasound-assisted, (4) sonomechanical-assisted metal displacement reduction, (5) sonoelectrochemical, and (6) ultrasound spray pyrolysis techniques are introduced. These synthetic techniques will affect the characteristics of the metal nanoparticles and nanomaterials synthesized.


Pyrolysis Reduction Chemical and physical effect Metal nanoparticle Metal nanomaterial 


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