Engineered Nanoparticles: Are They an Inestimable Achievement or a Health and Environmental Concern?

  • Sein León-Silva
  • Fabián Fernández-Luqueño
  • Fernando López-Valdez


Inorganic particles often exhibit novel and outstanding properties as their size approaches nanosize dimensions. The synthesis of these nanoengineered materials with specific composition, architecture, and functionality, and their uses in diverse fields, are changing paradigms. In this chapter we highlight the application of a lot of nanoparticles in biology, medicine, and biomedical engineering, and some concerns regarding human and environmental health are also discussed. There are two approaches to nanoparticle development and application for health care purposes: the bottom-up (science-driven) approach and the top-down (regulation-driven) approach, but neither of these has been able to demonstrate health care benefits without toxicological side effects. Consequently, nanoparticle toxicity has to be assessed, and the standardization of techniques should be set by scientists and decision makers worldwide. Cutting-edge knowledge regarding the interactions between nanoparticles and human health has to move forward, but environmental quality and social welfare must also be ensured.


Biocompatibility and toxicity Current challenge Drug delivery Environment pollution Human disease Modern medicine Molecular diagnostics Sustainable development 



This research was founded by ‘Ciencia Básica SEP-CONACyT’ projects 151881 and 287225, the Sustainability of Natural Resources and Energy Programs (Cinvestav-Saltillo), and Cinvestav Zacatenco. L-S S received grantaided support from ‘Becas Conacyt’. F-L F and L-V F received grant-aided support from ‘Sistema Nacional de Investigadores (SNI)’, México.

Competing Interests The authors declare that they have not competing interests.


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