Bone (Orthopedic Pathology)

  • A. Kevin Raymond


The integration of clinical, radiographic and pathology-based information has long been intrinsic to practice of Orthopaedic Oncology, making it paradigm of multidisciplinary medicine. Extension of this multifactorial approach can lead to better understanding of heterogeneous group of entities. Historically, pathologists have approached the study of bone tumors from imaging to gross to histological findings. However, a reversal of this norm emphasizing a detailed understanding of the histopathology and growth parameters of each entity can allow a better understanding of the macroscopic / gross appearance of the orthopaedic tumors which in turn leads to a better appreciation of the imaging features. The chapter emphasizes those tumors most unique to bone: cartilage, osseous, small cell, fibrous, vascular, notochord, adamantinoma and giant cell lesions.


Bone tumors Orthopedic tumors Cartilage neoplasia Osseous neoplasia Small cell neoplasia Fibrous neoplasia Small cell neoplasia Notochord neoplasia Adamantinoma Giant cell lesions 


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