Noncombatancy and Patriotism: Walla Walla College in World War II

  • Terrie Aamodt


Walla Walla College, a Seventh-day Adventist institution, prepared for United States involvement in World War II by providing military-style basic training for its draftable students. Most declared noncombatancy status, sought a 1-A-O draft classification, and took Medical Cadet Corps training for physical education credit. Like other schools, Walla Walla College experienced drastic demographic shifts during the war. Afterward, returning veterans made a significant long-term impact on institutional demographics because of their large numbers, their status as older students, and their interest in reshaping college policies on an adult level. WWC students continued taking MCC training during the Korean War, but when the U.S. military armed medics during the Vietnam War, students sought noncombatant roles such as Project Whitecoat, a biological warfare research program.

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