Formation of the Werner Committee and an Overview of Its Work (March–October 1970)

  • Elena DanescuEmail author
Part of the Archival Insights into the Evolution of Economics book series (AIEE)


Based on an analysis of previously unpublished documents from Pierre Werner’s private archives and original interviews with contemporary witnesses, this chapter unveils the key moments in the formation and work of the Werner Committee. It presents three different accounts of Werner’s appointment as chairman of the group and also pieces together all the committee’s meetings in order, with participants’ names, details of subjects discussed and a survey of the main points of contention (‘economists’ vs ‘monetarists’) and the influence each player exerted. The chapter demonstrates how the role of individuals, specialist EC Committees and transnational networks led to consensus on the interim and final report and, more broadly, to the emergence of an influential monetary elite in the 1970s.

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