Evaluation and Classification of Gastroparesis

  • Michael B. Goldberg
  • Eric G. SheuEmail author


Gastroparesis is a chronic and often debilitating disorder of the stomach characterized by delayed emptying without mechanical obstruction. It is an underrecognized and often undertreated disease often presenting with nausea, vomiting, bloating, and/or abdominal pain. The pathophysiology involves derangements of normal gastric motor function. The most common etiologies include idiopathic, diabetes, and postsurgical. In approximately one-half of gastroparetics, there is no identifiable cause. After ruling out mechanical obstruction with cross-sectional imaging and endoscopy, the diagnosis of gastroparesis is made with gastric emptying scintigraphy. This is a noninvasive and quantitative measurement of gastric emptying and is considered the gold standard for diagnosis. In this chapter we discuss the evaluation, workup, and classification of gastroparesis.


Gastroparesis Gastric emptying Vagus nerve injury Diabetes complications Gastric outlet obstruction 


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