Etiology and Diagnosis of Gastric Outlet Obstruction

  • Michael Paul MearaEmail author


Gastric outlet obstruction is not its own disease process but instead a clinical diagnosis associated with bloating, early satiety, and a general feeling of fullness. This results from a mechanical obstruction of the stomach or immediately distal to the stomach in the duodenum. Historically, the majority of gastric outlet obstruction cases were secondary to poorly controlled peptic ulcer disease (S Ian Gan, FRCP(C), Gastric outlet obstruction in adults, UpToDate [updated 05/27/2016; cited 2017 05/03/2017], 2016). With the discovery of the bacteria Helicobacter pylori in 1982 by Australian doctors Barry Marshall and Robin Worth, the incidence of long-term complications from peptic ulcer disease has dramatically fallen (Lichtman, Oncologist 22:542, 2017). For this discovery, they were awarded the Noble Prize in Medicine in 2005. Since that time, obstruction secondary to peptic ulcer disease has dramatically fallen and has been overtaken by malignancy as the primary cause (Poruk and Wolfgang, Surg Oncol Clin N Am 25(2):327–37, 2016). This chapter will explore the current causative spectrum of gastric outlet obstruction and explore tools useful for diagnosis, including noninvasive and invasive modalities.


Gastric outlet obstruction Peptic ulcer disease Caustic ingestion Gastroduodenal Crohn’s disease Gastric bezoar Pancreatitis Malignant obstruction Pancreatic adenocarcinoma Gastric adenocarcinoma Endoscopic diagnosis 


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