October Countdown

  • Darioush Bayandor


Early in October 1978, Khomeini ended his 13 year sojourn in Najaf, Iraq, and moved to Paris. The literature has largely attributed his departure to pressures exerted on the Iraqi authorities by Tehran. Evidence presented by the author disproves that assumption. Khomeini’s choice of Paris otherwise was both random and counterintuitive. The media attention made him an inexorable contender against an oil king. The chapter provides evidence that, in spite of domestic constraints, the French president was amenable to the deportation of Ayatollah Khomeini; but, in one of the main paradoxes of the Islamic Revolution, the Shah thwarted him. In another paradox, the National Front leader Karim Sanjabi placed the Front under the tutelage of Khomeini and lost its identity, being permanently eliminated as a political force. Meanwhile, the strikes that had started with economic motives in September took on a more political hue and public opinion swung sharply toward the revolutionary movement.

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