Ergonomics and Emergency Response: An Inclusive Approach

Emergency Preparedness and Response to People with Disabilities: The Italian National Fire Fighters Corps Experience
  • Giuseppe Romano
  • Angelo Porcu
  • Luca ManselliEmail author
  • Marcella Battaglia
  • Stefano ZanutEmail author
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In recent years, the Italian National Fire fighters Corp have adopted more inclusive operational procedures to tackle emergencies involving people with special needs. To this end specific training and standard operating procedures have been elaborated. In emergency scenarios in which fire fighters operate (e.g. fires, earthquakes, etc.), the protection of the people that have to be rescued must be assured, but the rescuers should also work in safe conditions in order to achieve this objective with greater reliability. The rescue of people with disabilities implies operating procedure that do not cause further damage to the person (e.g. excess of digital pressure, bedsores for peoples with mobility impairment on a wheelchair, etc.). With regard to the rescuer, unsuitable fireman’s lift techniques could damage his musculoskeletal system. This paper describes the operative procedures that have been developed and considers the ergonomic aspects used in the rescue.


Disability Operative procedures Emergency communication 


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