Gendered Emotions and Affective Genders: A Response

  • Stavroula Constantinou
Part of the New Approaches to Byzantine History and Culture book series (NABHC)


Barbara Rosenwein pointed out in her volume Anger’s Past (1998, p. 245) that gender is a useful category of analysis and highlighted the need to adopt a gender perspective in medieval emotion studies. The chapters in the present volume clearly demonstrate the validity of Rosenwein’s statements, which have already been acknowledged in studies concerning Western medieval gendered emotions. As far as Byzantium is concerned, however, the present collection constitutes a first systematic attempt to approach emotion from a gendered perspective. By using as a case study the Alexiad of Anna Komnene, Constantinou draws together the themes raised in the various chapters, enlarges upon the volume’s twofold thematic, and suggests further avenues of approach. In so doing, she shows how gender offers a better understanding of Byzantine emotions and how those emotions can illuminate Byzantine genders.

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  • Stavroula Constantinou
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