The Irish in the Iberian Atlantic and Rome: Globalized Individuals and the Rise of Transatlantic Networks of Information

  • Igor Pérez Tostado
Part of the Christianities in the Trans-Atlantic World book series (CTAW)


Two factors made the Irish in early modern Spanish America less visible than in the case of the French and English settlements: the Patronato Regio which was the privilege granted to the Spanish kings to administer the Catholic Church in Central and South America, and the fact that the research of the Irish migration focused first on the Anglophone and Francophone colonial spaces in America. It is only recently that the study of the Irish in the Iberian Atlantic has developed through the analysis of a combination of Spanish and Roman sources. This chapter will seek to reveal the networks which the Irish Catholics in the Iberian Atlantic established with the Holy See through the intermediation of the Spanish court. In doing so, it adopts an entangled and de-centred approach that helps to explain the slow learning process and building up of the global Irish Catholicism.

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  • Igor Pérez Tostado
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